School Based Health Center

School Based Health Center is a partnership between Willamette Family Center, Salem-Keizer Public Schools, and the Boys & Girls Club.

The School Based Health Center is located in the Boys & Girls Club building next to Hoover Elementary School. The goal of the health center is to provide convenient access to health care during the school year so students can return to the classroom faster. 

Through the School Based Health Center, students will also have access to expanded services at Willamette Family Medical Center.

All students of Salem-Keizer Public Schools are eligible to enroll, and parents whose children are without health insurance or a regular primary care provider are especially encouraged  to enroll.
  • Phone: 503-581-1713 
  • Address: School Based Health Center, 1120 Savage Road, Salem, OR 97301 (map)
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Salem Keizer,
Aug 26, 2011, 2:04 PM